15 Larp Costumes To Start Off The New Year

15 Larp Costumes To Start Off The New Year

2021 Here We Come

Jump into the new year with a nice gallery of larp costumes! This collection has both simple and more intense costumes. But that's a thing to remember about larping: you've got to have outfit options. If you were to walk into a tavern for a night of revelry dressed in a full suit of armor, people might think you're up to something. So I've included a few larp costumes to show off the non-battle aspect of larping!

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Who doesn't enjoy a nice stroll through the woods while decked out in a larp costume? Whether it's detailed or simple, a casual kit is a must-have for playing out casual scenes! For any new larpers out there, creating a simple larp costume is also a great introduction to our world. One doesn't always have to have a fancy tailored suit of armor to play!

Now For The Battle Ready Larp Costumes

While a casual stroll through the woods is pleasant on a casual day, sometimes things get more intense. That's when it's time to bring out more intense gear! Check out these larpers and their larp costumes that are more fitting for a battle in the woods. If you saw one of these warriors step into the tavern would you think twice about being prepared?

Wherever you are, whatever level of gear you have, I hope you're bringing in the new year with larp! Did you make any larp related resolutions? Comment below and share your goals for 2021! If you've made it a goal to go to more larps this year, make sure to check our listing page to find a larp event near you. Looking to promote a larp? Add it to our site here!

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