5 Reasons You need this Grim Fairy Tale Event in Your Life

These aren't your vanilla versions, they have deeply sinister roots…

Forget Disney and Brothers Grimm. Even they didn’t have what it takes to bend and warp these familiar characters into obsessed, revenge-driven, drunk on magic, lusting after power creatures. Each character has been thoroughly reshaped and given new agency, spirit and desires to carve out of a world wild with enchantments and secrets. We have gone deep into the lore of each tale to extract some long-forgotten twists and connections which will surprise and delight our players. Each Kingdom is uniquely designed to bring you a cast of darkly colorful characters, and fantastical costuming options to display each Kingdom’s culture developed specifically for this event.  Click here to learn more!

We have a castle and a quaint village all to ourselves.

The venue fits the theme like a glove. We will have full run of a charming castle hidden away in the forest, with a village full of themed cottages surrounding it. The immersion will be uninterrupted throughout the event as there will be no mundane people on the property except for the castle staff. You will be participating in photo shoots with enchanting backgrounds, singing to the birds in the woods, or engaging in plotting with your kingdoms without breaking character, surrounded by the story book environment. And as the sun sets, the vast forest surrounding the property will extend its shadows making the perfect ominous ambiance as each character plot grows more bloody. 

With our multi-layer plot structure just dive right into the world!

With a straight-forward set of lore and rules, just show up to the event in your most gorgeous costumes and see what you can discover. There is no need to come up with scenes ahead of time or plan where your character may end up because there will be surprises along the way. We understand that our players have busy lives so we provide a complete out of the box experience. You will have a character with goals, connections and a deep story to develop as the weekend progresses.  We have even included hidden scenes, secret missions, and artifacts that will piece together the global lore.  Each character has many story arcs to be explored, in a game filled with obfuscated goals and lost memories to find. 

The most basic NPC of them all is overseeing your fun (or misery).

Our mysterious Princess Generica is a sadistic hostess of her own demented party and you’re not going to want to miss it! Your characters may express various degrees of warmth or hatred towards Generica, but as players you will be blown away by her antics. Complete with her own basic princess complex, Generica has many a trial in store for guests and with the status as her companion and confidante on the line, can you really afford to miss out? 

You will be in excellent company for an unforgettable event.

Like a dashing rogue, Real Royalty swept into the Midwestern Nordic scene and we have everyone buzzing about. So far about two thirds of the spots for the event are filled and we are excited to welcome a diverse and very talented crowd of new and experienced LARPers to our inaugural event. All are welcome!  With no precedent set for a game featuring familiar yet perverse dark fairy tales and characters, this will be a once in a lifetime experience.  


Written by the Hanging Lantern Team

I need this Dark Grimm Fairy Tale Larp In My Life!

Here’s what the bloggers are saying about our upcoming run of Real Royalty:

“After reading the character description I noticed she was a lot like me but would offer me a challenge to roleplay struggles I want to face. She can be arrogant or delicate depending on her mood. Which was something I had never played before. There is so much complexity to her that I fell in love. I’m excited to eat macarons and frilly rococo dresses but just as excited about getting caught up in a duel. I’m deeply impressed and cannot wait to explore this world.”

-Kaza Marie Ayersman: The LARP Girl

“I was super exited to be a fairy tale character and finally breath life into her my own way.  I think the world of Oz in Real Royalty is awesome, similar but with a really cool original twist.”

– Raquel Skellington

“I was already excited, because any faction is an excuse to make a costume you don’t normally get an excuse to make. Then I got the character, and not only did I have a reason to make a steampunk costume, but it was for a beautiful character I could already identify.”

-Mo Mo O’Brien

“Exciting new dark drama with such beautiful tortured characters that I can’t wait to embody and meet.”

-Angele Brenan: GD Art


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  1. harry west May 12, 2020 Subscriber

    hi there.
    I am really interested in your event. as a current larping apprentice I wish to delve more into your land of mystery and fantasy. pleas eca out keep me informed of any up coming events ( especially involving castles. )

    many thank.

    druid Harris of the South

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