6 Armor Sets That Will Make You Say "Nice"

6 Armor Sets That Will Make You Say “Nice”

We Love Armor Yes We Do

Have you ever seen armor sets that were so cool you made an audible noise in response? Sometimes you just can’t help it. We appreciate the fact that not all oohs and aahs come out for the same reason. It could be because a piece of gear is based on a really cool concept, like Marvel-themed armor. Or because the quality of the craftsmanship is impeccable. Whatever the reason, we hope you find these armor sets as amazing as we do!

A Viking Esthetic

This armor set is impressive in its production. The clean stitching, the tailored fit, and the leather trim are all signs of quality. It’s clear well-practiced hands crafted this!

Scaled Leather

Firstly check out the tailored fit of this leather set. (Because we all know a good fit can make all the difference). Secondly, check out the scales on this piece! Note that the scales even line up across the stitching. That’s a really nice touch.

The Captain's Armor

This is just too cool. We love a good themed armor set and this gear definitely fits the bill. It incorporates the hero’s logo and colors beautifully, without being too over-the-top. It looks quite functional as well!

An Epic Crossover

The combination of larp and video games is never a let-down. These sets are a beautiful execution of a fun crossover. Just imagine what kind of worlds you can conquer wearing this kind of armor!

The Manticore

Looking for the really detailed and intense armor sets? Feast your eyes on the set in this section. After admiring this amazing creation, take a moment to appreciate the hours that went into crafting it! Then ask yourself, what would you do if you were on the battlefield and someone wearing this comes at you?

Is That You Toothless?

Fear the day you see an armored up feline across the battlefield. We love to see larpers including their animals in their hobby. This cat armor, for instance! As long as no animals are harmed in the making of.

Keep and eye out for more larp pictures and videos here on larping.org. Comment below with your armor set for a chance to show off!

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