Posted on August 26, 2018

Aramnita is a brand new Steampunk world where intrigue, adventure and invention blend into conflict and chaos. Aramnita’s floating cities each represent a different kind of Steampunk that all clash together in a rush to stop anymore cities falling. Are you that hero? 

At Aramnita there will be missions for the factions to accomplish to find out why the cities are falling & how they can prevent it from happening again. The same inventor that made the floating cities also made the automatons that are in every faction and throughout the world. 

Your ticket covers the event, food and lodging, and a one on one character consultation.


Join One of Six Factions


Lucanis is the floating city that is in the middle of the continent. It is filled with adventurers and explorers. They are fortune seekers and have a more rustic look. They have the grit of an old west town and the flare of an inventive genius.


Regiumas is the floating city that is closest to the east cost of the continent. Regiumas is filled with elite members of class. Most of them can trace their bloodlines to some royal or lord from the continent. They are pragmatic and knowledge is key for them. Those with magic or inventive talent are considered higher class. The High Ruler is a King/Queen that is voted in by the elites. Most Kings/Queens are either top magic users or Invention Geniuses.


Moribus is the floating city that is closest to southern middle west of the continent. It is filled with hard workers and the ultimate melting pot. Adventures, Explorers, Magic Users, Pirates, and even some fallen nobles can be found here. Moribus extends haven to all as long as all work together for the greater good of the city. The city of Moribus looks like white picket fences and very clean.


Luxars is the floating city closest to most southern coast of the continent. It is the home for most pirates, air and time. They have a loose set of laws and their High Ruler is the High King of Pirates with wins the Colosseum of Rights. Once a year the Colosseum of Rights holds the Battle for High King. It is not gender specific. Any can battle and the last one standing is the High King for the next year. High King’s vary from the strongest warrior to the smartest magic uses. The rules are few but strict. No use of time or outright magic. At least if you’re not caught. Maiming is fine, but not death. Do not kill unless absolutely necessary. The city of Luxars looks like a classic pirate haven. Lots of ports and wood


Sanctus was the floating city closest to Northwest of the continent. It was the first city to fall. It was a city of the religious sect of Guisto. It had tall pillars and all who wanted to submit their lives to Guisto lived here. As the city fell few escaped on small airships and can be found in the other cities. It is unsure if the Mother Supreme or other high priest/priestesses made it out of the falling of the city.


Ortus was the floating city closest to middle east of the continent. It was the second city to fall and the cause for the Summit Call of Rulers. Ortus was a city of founded on syndicated gangsters. At the beginning of the game it is unsure if the current Mobfather made it out the falling of the city.


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