Posted on July 31, 2018
CategoriesCombat, Fantasy, Medieval

In a medieval fantasy world, the people of a small realm – the Barony of Van Heusen, on the edge of the Kingdom of Exiles, a kingdom of humans, elves and their kindred – fight for Justice. Whilst their army, the Defenders, protect the heart of the realm, brave patrols of citizens strike out into the wilderness. Helping isolated homesteads, fending off rampaging orc tribes and hunting dangerous fiends, these brave few are often a villager’s last and only hope.

As a patrollee in this desperate struggle against the foes of Life and Order, you can be a nimble, magically powerful elf; a brutally strong but kinda thick half ogre; a cunning and strong half orc; a divinely favoured and flexible human; or a half elf, the jack of all trades. Will you use your heritage to advantage or fight to overcome it?

Some will choose to master the sword as their weapon against the darkness. Make no mistake – there’s no surer ally in a fight than cold steel and iron oak.

Some will choose the fire in the head, magic, brought forth by gesture and word. Elemental magic – Fire blasts, Lightning bursts, mindwarping Ice, enduring Rock; pure General magic; and Spellsword magecraft, energy and blade combined. Which ever you choose, know that the Kingdom’s enemies know them all, and other darker arts; Shadow magic, Demonology and the dread power of Necromancy.

Others will embrace the fire in the heart, divine favour of the gods to their followers brought forth by pious prayer. The deities that watch over the world can bend it to their will through their priests, to heal and to destroy. Choose your Path wisely though, for the gods are quick to anger at followers who cannot hold to their ways, especially those who would aspire to the title of Paladin.

Or will you be a scout, a tracker who hunts their enemies by stealth, never there when sought, always ready to strike? A little magic for a surprise, a word to the gods for help, a quick cut – a scout has a key for every door.

The choice of how you defend the Baron’s capital, Heusenberg, and the Kingdom is yours. Whatever tools you use there are Guilds who will teach you how to use them – though these too have rules to which they demand adherence in exchange for knowledge and power.

Alongside the Guilds, of course, stand the Defenders. Whether your weapon is blade, mind, heart or silent step, they will teach you how to use it. After all, an army always needs fresh recruits.

So, are you ready? Really?

I hope you’re right… there’s more at stake than you realise…

A weekly linear LARP system running on Sunday afternoons with three residential events and a number of social nights per year. We run come rain or shine, and have easy insert points in the year for new characters to join in.

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