Posted on July 10, 2018
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Blessing! The World

Blessing is set in a Post Apocalyptic world that has been exploded to oblivion and back.
Whatever it was is gone, and what’s there now is a desolate, irradiated monstrosity.
The land, the people and all of the creatures unlucky enough to survive have become monsters themselves both in their mutations and actions.
It’s rare to find someone these days with a real sense of humanity.
Despite what seems to be a fate worse than hell, rumors and mentions of an island beyond the worst of the nuclear fallout abound.
“The Blessing.” a land of abundance. Clean water, food, tech… And it may be more than just rumor.

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Blessing! The Feel

Blessing is a high chaos, low worry LARP that aims to capture the uncomfortable and over the top feeling of 90’s era nickelodeon and the overly sweet taste of 70’s family television combined with exaggerated amounts of violence and horror that we have grown to love.
Death for the most part isn’t a big deal, and the focus of players exploring the Blessing should be on having fun, discovering stuff, fighting dangerous things (including other players) and collecting resources to bring back home… And of course enjoy a cupcake or two along the way.

Our players and cast are amazing people who understand that at the end of the day we all just want to be able to not worry and have a blast.
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Blessing! Pricing & Accommodations

Weekend Event: $75.00
Buddy Pass 2 tickets: $140.00

Players Provide Their Own Food
Our staff and players pool money for a large lunch or dinner to be prepared in game
Cooks on hand to prepare food for players if needed

All Cabins have Heat and Electricity
Public Restrooms and Showers in the center of town
Most of the Campground has cell signal
24 Hour Game with an Out of Game Inn from 12am to 8am

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