Posted on July 5, 2018

About Doomsday Larp

Doomsday is a far-future science fiction LARP that encompasses a wide variety of different roleplay styles and themes. It is managed by Edge of Forever, LLC, and runs approximately 10 events per year at Olivet Blue Mountain Camp in Hamburg, PA. Doomsday is currently a 16+ game; some exceptions are permitted with parental consent.

In addition to running an exciting, enjoyable, and challenging game, Staff at Doomsday and Edge of Forever are invested in creating a safer space and welcoming atmosphere for players of all backgrounds and identifications.  With the community’s support, we’re committed to providing an inclusive, harassment-free LARP experience for everyone, regardless of age, sex, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression/presentation, race or ethnicity, country or origin, or religion.

We encourage all of our players to be excellent to each other.

New to Larp?

The experience of LARP, or live action roleplay, is made up of many independent elements. In our case, it’s part camping trip, part (light)contact sport, part theater and improv acting workshop – to name a few – woven together to create an interactive environment and story that you, the player, participates in and becomes a part of.

Live action role-play games cater to myriad tastes and levels of activity across an incredible range of genres. If one genre or style of play doesn’t appeal, you can try a different one. There are games that incorporate intense play-combat and games with no physical combat at all. Games also vary in size, from large events that pull in 500+ attendees to smaller games settling at around 30-40 players per event. Each offers a different type of environment, and prospective players can choose to attend one game or another based on their own interests and comfort levels.

Most importantly, the LARP community is precisely that – a community. LARPing is an intensely social, cooperative hobby – it means going out there, interacting with others, building in-game relationships and ties to other characters in order to gain information and resources. Game and plot staff always strive to involve and entertain every player, but players who go out of their way to engage with others and explore the world autonomously will find they get the most bang for their buck. It is possible to play a timid or lone-wolf character in a LARP, but playing still requires a degree of cooperation with, and investment in, other players and characters in order to further your character’s progress in the gameworld.


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