Fallout: Colorado

Posted on September 22, 2018

As the government of the Pre-War United States faltered, 13 Commonwealths were made. One of these Commonwealths, the Four-States Commonwealth is home to the former state of Colorado. The year is 2283 and you are in for a wild ride as a massive amount of Ceasar’s Legion has hold of the state. Denver is now Dog Town and full of many vicious and rabid dogs. Boulder became a massive science powerhouse. Centennial Mountain has a vault secret and let’s not talk about Rocky Flats.

Welcome to a Fallout LARP group in Colorado! This group is open to fans of the Fallout game series by both Obsidian and Bethesda. All LARP rules are abided and there is nothing but respect and understanding here. LARPers of all skill are invited as well as costume makers of all skill. As long as you can fit it into the lore, you are good. Area will change often since Colorado has many good photography places. On top of this, creativity is encouraged and discussion for new places and events is very needed! This group is for 16+ age due to the violence factor of this rated M game series and there will be obvious alcohol, gun, and cigarette props among fake blood. We are trying to make this event as free as possible so as long as you bring your own props and costuming and a kind heart, you’ll fit the family. 

This LARP will include day play, roleplaying scenarios fitting Fallout Lore, fake combat, and a camping setting. The layout and location changes make for interesting story plots. You can get your makeup done and get bottlecaps for free on top of this. 

There will be an application to join but it is a very easy process of filling out a quick form! We welcome all walks of life and are incredibly LGBTQ+ friendly! All questions and the application starting process are through the leader, Jordan, via his contact info. 

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