Kanar – Knights and Nobles and Rogues

Posted on July 5, 2018
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About Knights and Nobles and Rougues

Knights and Nobles and Rogues (KANAR) began in 1983 when four thirteen-year-old Junior High School students during a Dungeons & Dragons game got into an argument about the number of attacks per turn their characters received per level. They thought it was improbable for a sword to be swung only once every six seconds as stated in the D&D Player’s Handbook.

Thus, they armed themselves with some wooden swords that were purchased at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, some trash can lids and a stopwatch. Soon they learned that they were all 15th-level fighters, attacking once every two seconds!

Discover The World of Ilveresh

Kanar is based around the village of Ilveresh, set in the former Duchy of Anadar, now called Bellanmo. Bellanmo itself is bordered by the lands of Charbourg, Morinar, Brisbane and Tarridear.  When the lands were still young, a band of humans and elves faced a powerful evil in the lands of Wildantor and Pelanor, something known simply as “The Dark.” Forced to flee for their lives, they came to the outpost their people call home today, where daily life is conducted with a gold crown or arbitrament of cold steel.

Ilveresh, a humble, back-country village on the edge of the moor, is the self-proclaimed home of adventurers.  This “little outpost of civilization in the heart of the swamp” controls trade and commerce through the southeastern corner of the Principality of Novashon in the Kingdom of Narrdmyr, serving as a boundary between the Duchies of Peth and Dynsforth to the south and the Kingdom of Ashan to the north.

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