Lands of Exile

Posted on July 5, 2018

Lands of Exile is what’s considered a high fantasy LARP, and we are 18+ because of our medium combat level and potential adult themes.  Our setting is similar to Lord of the Rings or the traditional tabletop RPGs.  In LoE, there are fantastical creatures and magic, as well as more regular quests and missions. Our main goal is to provide an experience for our players that makes them feel like they are in another world. Our players and staff are costumed in appropriate garb for the fantasy genre, and stay in character for the full game from beginning to end.  This keeps everyone immersed in the fantasy, allowing people to forget about the outside world.  We are a combat LARP as well. We resolve combat using realistic foam weapons and utilizing our combat system, as well as packets filled with bird seed for spells, and padded arrows.

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    DirkFizzelbeef Submission Jul 11, 2019

    Arguably the Standard, the base at which I feel american larps should start

    I had fun, but def not as much as i should have. As a whole, you have fun if you seek it, get out of your cabin. But, Pros and Cons we go

    -costuming is pretty danm good across the board, community is very invest as a whole when making sure everyone looks good.
    -great orc NPC
    -good system for wandering monsters
    -good props from the plot team, alright stories
    -site is great, power in every cabin, swimmable lake
    -very little lore to build a character with, but not the worst con
    -very clicky, if you wernt there first season or dont create good content with them, you rarely get love
    -sites is kinda far from civilization
    -great costuming costs money, some economic elitist vibes
    - several elitist broken stairs, but the regulars tend to find them annoying as well

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