Lost Colonies

Posted on July 10, 2018

Lost Colonies is a Colonial Fantasy themed Exploration and Discovery Larp that blends aspects of lightest touch boffer larp, parlor larp, and consent based larp styles. We provide an environment where players get to choose how they wish to interact with the larp and experience the portions best for them. We put players before plot and safety is priority one.

Experience a new fictional world written from the ground up to be inclusive and where technology has advanced to the stage of the printing press and of trans oceanic sailing ships. Bring your favorite latex or boffer weapon along with your new favorite foam dart gun to protect you as you explore and map out the wild frontier of the land of Torakand.  Encounter strange new plants, animals, monsters, and other hazards. Speak with the ancestors for guidance or seek out clues from the local spirits. Learn how to craft alchemical and herbal recipes both ancient and newly created. Conduct rituals to help rediscover magics thought only to be myths and legends.

Lost Colonies Larp is NOT an alternative history larp and we are working very hard to ensure that the event is welcoming and safe for all persons. We do NOT condone, attempt to portray, or allow to be portrayed, historical colonization atrocities. We do NOT allow blackface and work to avoid cultural appropriation.

Lost Colonies is part LGBTQA+ owned and operated. We are friendly and open to all persons 16+ years of age who agree to our Safety and Community standards.

Our Lost Colonies Iconic Characters, pictured in our banner, are designed by Cait May and her work can be found at caitmayart.com


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    Danikka Submission Mar 03, 2020

    Awesome Environment

    Lost Colonies was my first Larp, and I felt welcome there. I was worried about being a little older and inexperienced, but everyone on staff and all the players were extremely helpful. The organization of the event is outstanding, everything from mods to food to NPC management there are no issues. I am thrilled by the way that LC makes sure that everyone is accepted and integrated into the community.

  2. 5
    The.t.bird Submission Mar 03, 2020

    Accepting, family-friendly, innovative larp experience

    Lost Colonies Larp is one of the accepting larps I have attended. From respecting ability and pronoun use to ensuring players emotional and physical safety and wellbeing at as all times, Losy Colonies truly cares about its players. They had an event in the summer of 2019 where people could bring their families to larp while at regular events attendees can be 16 or older (13 with family). This adds a real diversity of age in the player base that enhances the experience. It is also innovative in plot and mods in a way I have not seen before . Few ideas are recycled and they are always keeping up on our toes. In summary, lost colonies isn't just a larp, it's a family, a community..its home

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