Posted on July 5, 2018

The world in which the play of Night Chronicles takes place is largely based on the concept of the World of Darkness of Vampire The Masquerade ™. This world is an extreme version of the real world and also takes place in this era. The world is darker and theatrical than in real life and comparable to a film noir. The world as filmed in “The lost boys”, Interview with a Vampire, Underworld and Sin-City are fine examples of this type of world.

The world is not fair, accident and danger in every corner and alleys are really dangerous. Old ladies behind windows spied the world with greater effectiveness than ” Big Brother ” and the social inequality is greatly exaggerated. The gap between rich and poor is great and the despair and the hopelessness of life gives rise to extreme criminal behavior by the most gentle characters. All this is in stark contrast to the decadence and the abuse of power of the richer class. The rich view their servants as in the Victorian times and feel not only superior but also justified by their position to be morally and emotionally above the lower class. It is in this world that a vampire, like your character, can thrive well and can perfectly hide in it without having to make bloody actions a constant fuss. As Storytellers, however, we have put this world to a certain extent to create a personal storyline that allows the experienced and new players to continue to live the horror of the unknown.

It is important to remember that we play Night Chronicles, this game is very similar to the setting of White Wolf but is not the same setting. In general, each player may assume that the logical knowledge for his character is correct from the books, but behind the scenes we have made substantial adjustments to get rid of the old guard of players who know the world through and through. can put. For example: The organization “The Black Hand”, if it exists in our setting, will almost certainly not be called “The Black Hand”. The behavior, powers and possibilities of all supernatural beings besides the vampires will also differ greatly from what the original World of Darkness books describe. We take complete freedom to decide for ourselves how these rule and world technical functions in our setting.

The most striking difference with the classic Vampire the Masquerade game world is that the biggest enemy of the Camarilla in our setting is a myth. The rebellion of the Sabbath was precipitated with the 80-year war and thus lasted only two centuries and is estimated as unimportant by the elderly. The “rebellion” was quickly “nipped in the bud”. As a result, the Clans Lasombra and Tzimisce are considered neutral clans, despite the fact that many of them have participated in the Sabbath revolt.

At the Conclave of 2016, where the Clan Lasombra joined the Camarilla, however, a new enemy has emerged who calls himself “The Cabal”, this mysterious sect has completely controlled North America and is in a state of war with the Camarilla.

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