Shards of Orn

Posted on July 5, 2018
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It’s been two centuries since warring immortals tore the world of Orn asunder. Now, mysterious spans have begun to form through the void, reuniting the long-isolated shard realms. Lost lands, wondrous treasures, vicious monsters, and the mystery of Orn’s undoing await anyone daring or foolish enough to brave the verge…

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    Buff McLargehuge Submission Aug 07, 2019

    Decent starter LARP, craps out early though.

    - SUPER cheap compared to your other options in NC. $50 will get you a ticket and fed for the majority of the weekend, whereas with other locations you would still need an extra $5-10 to cover the ticket.

    - Marcel's catering is actually pretty good.

    - The community for the most part is typically pretty friendly. Everyone seems to be well aware of where they are and who they are, with very little elitism on the lower ends of the totem pole.

    - Low ticket price? Low effort. Outside of a handful of people who look like they've at least tried, everyone appears to look like they've rolled around in a Goodwill clearance bin, bought their kit from Party City, or are wearing nana's hand-me-downs.

    - The lore is, for the most part, entirely forgettable. Most of the players who know the names and details of more than one "Immortal" either have been playing for years on end, have helped write that lore in particular, or are that one random guy who just likes to read things.

    -All of your mods are railroaded, and will typically lead to a "My god's cooler than your god" level of ending. Jastrey has exploded more times than one can count with his fingers, yet every month people continue on like nothing happened.

    All in all, i do agree with the previous review: it is less of a LARP, and more a game of live-action D&D. Except this D&D campaign is totally homebrew and written by people who wish they could write like R.A. Salvatore.

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    DirkFizzelbeef Submission Jul 11, 2019

    Well, its cheap and easy* to get into

    Been with this game for several years, seen 2 versions of the system, just gunna pro and con it.

    -Its a cheap weekend. 30 bucks for an event with a discount program that makes the game cheaper the longer you play.
    -low barrier of entry, arguably no barrier of entry
    -generally helpful community that is policed well, few broken stairs in the actual player base
    -feels like DnD with friends vs intensive role play
    -Opt in pvp system
    -super customization as far as class, and you can build a custom race after afew games

    -Opt in pvp system
    - older players sometimes show up and stir up the PVP pot for their own amusement (including the writer of this review), however, are usually killed by a posse of mid game PCs
    -super weird power scaling. generally the top 10 levels are untouchable by the bottom 10 levels, solely based on gear gathering
    -80 bad/20 good chance of picking a good, player made class at start.
    -costuming and roleplay are super sub par

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