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Posted on June 28, 2018
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Become fully immersed in the setting as we live out our days in a medieval camp with our guild, discover the ever growing Grand Duche of Bicolline, battle side by side with your guild and allies, and celebrate our victories around the campfire every evening! This, and so much more, is The Voyage North. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, click here to fill out the application!

Bicolline is a medieval, fantasy, role-playing experience located north of Montreal in French Speaking Quebec. It is the largest event of it’s kind in North America and arguably the highest quality event location and experience in all the world. The Voyage North is your opportunity as an english speaker to join this amazing world and allow us to be your guides. We take care of all the logistical work both in and out of the game. All you do is show up with your costume and enjoy your week!


The Duche de Bicolline is the world’s largest medieval, fantasy immersive site in the world. Set in the foothills of Northern Quebec, it is situated on nearly 350 acres of pristine woodland, and is occupied by hundreds of permanent buildings including a fully functioning inn, churches and countless cabins. It is by far the most immersive medieval setting in the world.


The Voyage North exists to transport you to this magical place, organize all of your accommodations and help you experience this far away land for all it has to offer. Members enjoy staying in color coordinated medieval tents, comfortable bedding, hearty meals, complete camp comforts: campfires, lighting, guild hall, our own tavern; as well as transportation from and back to the airport. Moreover, we take care of all the logistics so that you can enjoy this trip every second of the time. Ready to apply to join us?


Bicolline has nearly as many activities as it does participants. The highlight for many attendees is the medieval style battles which pit armies of 1,000+ on either side for epic level encounters. Others enjoy simply exploring the fully realized world and making new friends. Others enjoy jumping into the Geopolitical intrigue side of the game that allows them to help form alliances, gather resources and further the guilds cause. While others yet; enjoy the nightly concerts, the social atmosphere and lots of leisure time in a beautiful setting. There’s more than one way to enjoy Bicolline!

Package Includes
  • Entrance fees to Bicolline’s Grand Battle Event.
  • Membership dues for Ordo Cervi Guild.
  • Two Meals per day; breakfast and dinner, cooked for you!
  • Transportation from and back to the Montreal Airport.
  • Lodging in very high quality, canvas, medieval tent.
  • Sleeping cot to keep you high off the ground and dry.
  • Unique camp experience: complete medieval immersion, guild camp setting, and our own tavern.
  • Bonfire every night with plenty of celebrating!
  • All the necessary camp comforts: lanterns, tables, chairs, utensils, plates, cups, etc.
  • The experience of joining a guild in a huge world, having a direct impact on both the guild and world itself.
  • Order Cervi official Tabard.
  • Most importantly: A one of a kind medieval fantasy experience found nowhere else on earth and we take care of all the logistic work. You just show up.

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04 Reviews

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  1. 5
    Jakebova Submission Feb 12, 2019

    Fantastic Week!

    I loved this event and the group as well! Friendly faces in the most amazing camping experience of my life! This is definitely a must!

    Great food too!

  2. 1
    Manual Submission Feb 03, 2019

    Over Priced!! Way over priced!! Scam!!

    The Voyage North is by far the biggest scam out there. Jordan Gwyther (who posted a 5 star review above) owns the company. Not only does he own this company but LARP Tents as well (which are the tents he uses out there). And quick note LARP Tents is equally bad. ( I paid over 2k for a tent, it came in with a rip in the seam the wrong color and a bent pole and nothing was done about it, basically told sorry about your luck) but back on topic...

    I went first in 2016 and reluctantly again in 2017. Total cost for both years was around $3,400. And that was just for the package they offer.

    They offer an all exclusive package that supposedly provides you with everything that you need. But in reality you pay for things that you don't use or need. Like I drove myself up from New York but yet still had to pay for the Bus to get there even though I wasn't using it. And was told it would be to hard to make the package different for everyone.

    My first year was extremely disappointing to say the least. Why then would I go back in 2017, well So I could investigate some more get their prices and report them to the IRS and BBB.

    In total about 130 people sign up at roughly $1700usd a ticket that's $221,000usd they just made.
    Minus the food cost, which is just the Bico food package served at the camp and the labor of their employees (whom they pay Not a lot to set the tents up) and the actual event tickets and they are making about $175,000usd.

    All untaxed, and unreported. I found out that in 2017 Bicoilline now offers their own packages for $1,700cad (which is cheaper). 4 event tickets so 4 people can go with a tent and cots provided plus food for the week, the same food that the Voyage North serves you, the only difference you need to walk to a Tavern to get it, and you get a shower card. That's a far cheaper amount then the $1,700usd a person. They also refuse to give a refund. in 2016 a friend of mine had a real horrible time. Got sick from some food given to him not the Bico food another member in the camp, and was in his tent out of commission for like 5 days. Wasn't able to do anything besides get sick and sleep. Jordan offered a $200 discount if he wanted to sign up again for next year.

    A few times I tried to find the staff up there and they were all hungover or out still drinking. I saw Jordan once (apart from his speechs he gives) and he reeked of alcohol, kept grabbing me by the arm to talk and stuff at the tavern, the best part he didn't even know who I was or what guild I was from despite wearing the guild tabard they give you, which you can actually buy from epic armory so it's not unique like they claim.

    Oh and the talks and speeches he gives.... probably the best part. He tells you his story that he loves to provide you with the best experience, and they don't make money from doing this. And his life is so hard. And him and his wife don't own their own home....

    But yet they will flaunt their expensive trips on Facebook they take to New York here or down to Florida or another LARP in the South. Their trips all around the US, sure....they don't make any money.... THEY MAKE A TON.

    I'm surprised that no one has questioned why they don't have a actual location or address for the business. Everything out there for them never gives you an actual location. Things companies do when they are a scam.

    In short save you money buy the tickets from Bicolline, it's not hard to get up there, plus there are like 10 English Guilds up there. All would love new people. Most of the Ordo veterans left in 2017 here to start their own guilds. Even some of the French speaking Guilds will recruit English speakers, I was lucky to get in with one myself.


  3. 1
    Zarg Submission Nov 12, 2018

    Over priced little follow through

    For the actual price of bicolline grand battle even if u get the meal plan and rent a tent from bicolline which is easily done you will still spend almost double with the voyage north. The Voyage North is way way over priced for what you get. They make promises which they dont follow through on. They are always short staffed for the number of people. There are plenty of guilds that are willing to help people get there that speak English. Bicolline has even started a program to better help English speakers at the game. Dont waste ur money save it for enjoying ur trip.

  4. 5
    gwyther.jordan Submission Jul 10, 2018

    Best week of my life.

    Truly, this was the best week of my life!

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