Posted on July 17, 2018


We are a boffer steampunk fantasy fusion game geared towards making the player feel epic from the start. That seems like a mouthful, but in truth, you get to be what you want to be, in whatever way you want to be. Our game mechanics use a classless system allowing any player to take any skill, provided they have the requirements. You want to throw fireballs and be good with a sword? No problem!

A Steampunk setting means a lot of things to a lot of people; to us it means you can dress in a lot of cool ways, and we can mix our fantasy stories with an Old West feel or Victorian zombie hunting stories. A broad scope is allowed for any given character to be unique.

The game usually takes place at beautiful Camp Ginger Cascades in Lenior, NC. We have electricity in all cabins, heaters are provided during the winter, showers, and a kitchen in each camp area. You can bring your own food, or buy in on meals (check the Facebook event for details).

The Story

One thousand years ago, the beings now considered myth vanished. Technology has grown, and the world has shrunk as travel has expanded beyond foot and hoof. A strangely glowing blue stone mined from the earth serves as the primary power source. It can be used to move an airship, power machinery, or even make a simple sword into a mechanical wonder. Each nation has an ever-growing demand for more.

To aid in this, the Faith—the largest landowner in the Empire—has for the first time in over 500 years opened up some of it’s land to be mined: the Dragon’s Spine Mountains. The main base for mining is the town of Jacob’s Spire. It is close to Hadrian’s Wall, a great wall separating the Empire from the Ill’Andar Nation. Recently the town has been plagued by strange creatures and events the likes of which have not been seen in a millenium.

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    1. 5
      Mwheeler Submission Aug 03, 2018

      Fun Game

      This was the first LARP I went to, and I just hit my 1 year anniversary with the game. I keep coming back because the game is fun, I like the other players, and I feel useful even though my character isn't a mighty warrior. The game is also pretty story driven which I like.

    2. 5
      EmCeeHardiman Submission Aug 01, 2018


      There's been a lot of larps I've had the pleasure of playing over the past 16 years. This one, hands down, has the best community and atmosphere. The rules are simple and easy to grasp, the players are friendly and supportive of new additions to their family, and that's what this is. A family of larpers coming together to battle diabolical evil, selfish ambition, and other assorted hooligans. I recommend this game to anyone that appreciates a warm welcome, and an epic storyline told by an experienced staff.

    3. 5
      mimsjosh Submission Aug 01, 2018

      Awesome people awesome Community

      The combat is simple to learn and the Lore is deep but easy to learn and encourages you to ask about other PCs and how they fit into the world. The biggest thing that kept me coming back is the people to go to it and run it are all awesome and accommodating. But as the game owner likes to tell us "This is more then a game. It is a community." And this LARP lives by that.

    4. 5
      Bradyla07 Submission Jul 31, 2018

      Enjoyable Gameplay Balance

      I like combat, but I LOVE good roleplay and Vanguard does an excellent job of incorporating both with the addition of interesting game mechanics so that each encounter has a different method of achieving success. The classless system makes for infinite possibilities in character creation. I have become a regular player and I look forward to attending every event just to see how the story unfolds.

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