A Larp Story You Might Not Expect From A Satyr

A Larp Story You Might Not Expect From A Satyr

This larp story comes to us from a Texas larper named Kai. He recently experienced his first fully immersive larp event at Le Duché de Bicolline last year. In-game he is known as Philoctetes Kapra. And although his character is half-man, half-ram, his adventures don’t necessarily fit the mythical motifs one might expect from a satyr. Read more below to find out what this newcomer got up to at his first larp!

Philoctetes Kapra Glare

First a bit of backstory. Kai found inspiration for his character from Shakespeare. “I played Pan many years ago in a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I thought it would be fun to play a similar character again, so I chose to be a satyr.” He explained that he didn’t know much about larping, let alone what it meant to create a whole new character. But he knew satyrs had a tendency to get into the fun kind of trouble.

Philoctetes Kapra in the Woods

After a busy first couple of nights getting all settled in Kai finally felt like he was getting into his character. He enjoyed reveling and hanging around camp, but as the days went by he started experiencing everything the event had to offer. Participating in battles piqued his interest in particular.

“I didn’t expect the battles to be so intense!” Kai told us. “It really felt like I was in it. Phil was fighting for his life out there.”

It was then he took a moment to tell us his favorite tale from his whole experience.

During the Grand Battle at Le Duché de Bicolline Philoctetes became a legend.

“It was about halfway through the battle that we found ourselves in a sticky situation. Our soldiers were trying to push back the enemy and take control of a checkpoint, but were getting heavy fire from the enemy archers. It came to a kind of stalemate. So I took my brother and decided to try and pull off a flank. Our general even sent an elf after us and told her to take notes.

The fighting was going on up on top of a hill, and nobody expected us to come from the bottom. So we crawl through bushes to sneak behind enemy lines and we work our way up this hill. When the moment felt right we burst out, yelling war cries and madly swinging our hammers. We took out enough archers to give our side the advantage, but it was definitely a sacrifice. The look on their faces when they saw us rush out made it all worth it.”

Ordo Cervi Camp

After experiencing the comradery on the battlefield, Kai made a decision. He told us that he decided that Philoctetes wouldn’t fall into the satyr stereotypes out there. Sure, having a night in the tavern is all well, but the Kapra Satyrs would be more than just a good time.

“I want the Kapra brothers to be just as good at fighting as they are at revelry,” Kai explained. “And you best believe I will be making an appearance as Philoctetes again!”

We love this story because it shows how adaptable larping can be. You can go into an event expecting to experience it one way, and come out with an entirely new perspective.

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Photo Credit: J David Mays

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