A Tale of Benjen Stark Part 1

A Tale of Benejen Stark

A few months back we had the privilege of sitting down with Five Knight’s Production to interview them about their project. It’s really fantastic to see the finished project!

Description“A tale of Benjen Stark” is a short 7 minute fan-fiction that takes place in the Game of Thrones universe that tells the beginning of the adventure of Benjen Stark following his return to the wall shortly after his visit to Winterfell. On a scouting mission Benjen Stark stumbles upon the bloody aftermath of an attack on a wildling camp. A pair of survivors are discovered as Ben attempts to unravel the mystery behind the carnage.


A little about the project

From the Vonwong website:

This short film is brought to you by VonWong and Five Knights Productions and produced with Les Ateliers Nemesis, Duche de Biccoline and Dracolite.

The project came together when Von Wong and Dracolite , the largest Medieval accessory store in Canada decided to collaborate and work on a short Game of Thrones fan film. Realizing that some serious special effects were going to be needed, they called up Les Ateliers Nemesis to provide them with some mindblowing special effects. Duche de Biccoline was called in as the location of choice to make this shoot possible who contributed accommodations and stunt choreographer Philippe Desmarais. Five Knights Productions a Montreal based group of videographers was called to complete the last critical part of the puzzle to help direct and shoot the film.

From that point forward, additional companies were called in to contribute to the shoot from local armories such as Fantasy Armour to additional special effects teams Atelier de l’Arbre Mecanique, Cinematic composer Kamel Bushnaq Music to Sound engineer Supermassive Quazar to Black Board Productions as additional camera and sound contributed to make this project a success.продвижение сайта оплата за результатtopodраскруткакак стать хакером с нуля видеоаксессуары macbook airвзять кредит кредитной картой21nova online casinoasian escorts dubaimerit park hotel casinoCirrus casinoкупить тур в африкуклубные танцы братиславская

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  1. Rob February 13, 2014 Subscriber

    ARE YOU F*****G KIDDING ME???!!! This was AWESOME!! MORE!! I need MORE!!!! This was every bit the quality of an HBO production right down to the music. Great job

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