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Here at we have updated our larp listing service and would like to help make the process easier for you to add your larp! Below you will find a step by step guide on how to add your larp and some things that should be included to make sure that your listing has everything your potential new players might need.

There are a few new services that are would like you to take a look at. is here to connect the larp community! So we want to give more. Please take the time to consider what will help your larp grow as you review the new features. The treasure at the end of the mod is if a new larpers joins the larp community. New larpers are a valuable part of larp. They come with new stories to tell and a new way to do them. Using our website will make sure your new player isn’t just welcomed with loaner kit but also a well used rulebook.

Lets get started!


Find the +Add Listing button at the top of the website.


Read through the service options.

We offer a free package to make sure that every larp is seen. Take a moment to consider the listing services and their fees.


Select the package by clicking “Let’s go!” and you will be navigated to the next page.

To begin listing your larp, fill out each column. This is the first steps to introduce your larp to a new larper! Try to provide as much as you can to increase your visibility. Providing the best quality images is a great way to make sure your listing isn’t over looked.


Add a logo.

A logo is used on the listing’s page. It is in the position of a profile picture.


Add a featured image.

A featured image is required and will be the image seen on the listing service’s main pages. This is usually the first photo the new player will see. The featured image will also be used for the background of listing page’s navigational bar.

Larp Listing Notes: is a larp website! There are many here and people know that they’re coming to look for larps. Feel free to leave it out of your listing if it is not important to your brand. If you are apart of a larp that has other chapters listed, review how they have chosen to list their name as well. If you need any help during this process, feel free to check in with us!


Add a listing name for your larp.

As you continue to add information to your listing, we recommend giving information that covers your larp’s setting, story and mentions a bit about how it is played. A wide variety of people visit with diverse perspectives on what larp is. By providing information about what kind of larp you are it will gives others the ability to see what is special about your events.


Add listing category or categories.

These categories are broad genres for you to select for your larp to be listed under. The primary category, first one selected, will determine your larp’s icon on the map.


Add a Google address.

This address will be used on the map to show your larp’s location. If a street address is not available, google will give the listing a location that may mislead potential players. If your larp goes to multiple locations, please add the one that is most often used.


Adding additional listing information.

Remember to add your preferred website and contact email for new players to contact the larp.


Add tags to your listing!

Take a moment to go through the tags. These are important for possible new players to get to know your larp. Try to add tags that you think highlight the mission of your larp.


Preview your larp!

You will be asked to sign in during this process. If you do not have a account, take a moment to create one that you would like to use to claim your larp with. This may be account you allow others on your larp team to use. Please give a second consideration to using a personal email, or one that isn’t affiliated with your larp.


Review your listing!

After you have reviewed all of your listing content and made any changes needed, press the preview button at the bottom of the screen to see a preview of your larp listing!

If there is something you would like to change, select the “Edit Listing” button on the right side of the browser. This will bring you back to the listing screen where you can edit your content. After you’ve finished, select “Preview” again.


Submit larp listing.

To finish with your listing, select the “Submit Listing” option on the preview of the listing. Your listing will be processed and added to the website!

After you have submitted your larp, you will be brought to a new screen. This “Thank You” message is to confirm that your listing was sent to the team. You will receive a confirmation email when your listing has been posted and your payment has been received.

Now, to claim your new listing!


Return to the home page and search for your larp using the larp list!

Be sure to log into the account that you wish to sign into use for your listing!


Scroll to the bottom of the page of your listing and claim your larp!


The final step!

You will get a popup in the screen asking you to claim your listing by adding your larp’s phone number.

We will review the number given to the listing and the number given to us by your claim. A member of’s staff will contact you if there is any problem processing your request.

Please give the members of the 1 -2 business days to process your request. At the moment we are a small team trying our very best to serve the community! 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to follow this guide on how to fill the out the Larp List! We hope to continue to connect larpers throughout the world and look forward to playing with you!

If you need any help in the listing process, feel free to contact us at, and one of our staff will offer additional assistance.

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