This is the most adorable little larper you've ever seen and he'll steal your heart...

larper kid
This little guy will steal your heart, but he’s so cute, he can’t help it!

Our adorable little larper arrives to town…

larper kid
“Oh, just eating my snack before I head to the larp…”

Gotta stay well fed before battle.

larper kid
“AHHH. Granola bars are delicious! Ok, let’s find some trouble…”

Did you see him carrying a blade? No, you didn’t…

larper kid
“Yes, my trusty blade. What trouble should we cause today?”
larper kid
“Ah yes, here comes someone! Look adorable…”

Confronting enemies:

larper kid
“Yes, hello there barbarian sir…You see I’m quite lost and need to find my mommy. Have you seen her?”
larper kid
“Yes, I really lost her….” *prepares to draw his blade*


larper kid
“On guard you filthy barbarian scum!”
larper kid
“Take that!”
larper kid
“Sorry, barbarian scum, tis just battle, no hard feelings, k? Gonna finish you now…”
larper kid
“Yupp, definitely dead…”
larper kid
“I’m an honorable warrior. Proper burials are important…now where’s my sippy cup with milk.”

This little guy comes from The Kingdom of Novitas and he’s just too adorable not to share. His parents are clearly doing it right!

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  1. Rich Croteau January 28, 2014 Subscriber

    Butt’s were kicked!
    Names were taken.
    Cookies were eaten.

    Now it’s time for a nap…. 😀


  2. heather January 29, 2014 Subscriber

    Thank you for this! I love it!

  3. Maggie January 29, 2014 Subscriber

    I was one of the lucky people able to see him in action. He’s slayed more Orcs than I have. The Brave Little Larp-er, he is.

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  5. Charles January 6, 2015 Subscriber

    Fun! Where is this LARP? The only ones I’ve been to are very strict about not having children there due to the violence, witchcraft, etc… I’d like to bring the kids to one that is a little more tame.

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