Alternate Reality "The King that Never Was"

This is not larping

What you are about to see, and hear, is so profusely bad that it will probably scar you for life. Below you will find a music video from the band Alternate Reality featuring their song “The King That Never Was” and, what is incorrectly being toted as, larping. More on that in a second.

This fine specimen comes to us by the ever increasing number of tweets we saw with the words “larping” and “metal video”, followed by “bad” and “worst”. At first, I was optimistic that the video was being made out to be worse than it is and was hoping for something along the lines of what A Hawk and a Hacksaw produced with their song “Cerventine”. Oh how let down I was. But before I spoil the insanity, have a watch for yourself.

Live Action, no where to be found

If you suffered through the video you just witnessed a lot of stuff and by stuff I mean: bad post-production, Merlin, bad acting, some sad looking girls, a castle that was kind of on fire, an angry guy in chain mail, and a band. You know what you won’t find: larping. Why you ask? Why won’t you find any larping? Because no one in this music video is larping. They’re acting, and they’re not even acting as larpers. There’s no live action anything. The video is a band and their friends acting out some sort of demented Arthurian fantasy.

This type of let’s call “anything in fantasy garb” larping trend is all too common. Live Action Role Play is something altogether different than acting out a scene. It’s definitely different than telling a story on camera, which is what these fine specimens of humanity seem to be doing. Larping must have a few common elements that differentiates it from acting, cosplay, or just make believe. One of those is that it must be done live in a shared space of “pretend” (i.e. a gameworld). Alas, the problem is simply that this isn’t larp, it’s just bad.

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  1. Thepipeisright December 20, 2011 Subscriber

    This is pretty epically bad. The bad acting, however was kind of funny.

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