The Art of humor in Larp

larp lol
Funny like a larpcat.

Collabnarration has a great post, and ensuing discussion, on the art of making humor part of your character at a larp: The Art of the Joke: Humor in LARP. This is interesting because often larp is the butt end of jokes in all kinds of media, but are larpers intentionally funny? If so, funny: gags, costumes, dialogue, character? If not, why not: should larp always be serious?

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  1. Zoe June 30, 2013 Subscriber

    Hey Jordan!
    Sorry, this is random, but thanks for the kind words! Someone just directed me to your site, and I saw my blog in it. (Surreal, but cool.)

    • Jordan Gwyther June 30, 2013 Administrator

      Zoe — You’re welcome! We’re always looking for talented bloggers to join our team, would you be interested in writing for us? Shoot me an email:

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