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Living the Larp Life: 14 Photos To Inspire You!

Are you living your best larp life? Going into the weekend we want to inspire you with a photoset of other larpers from around the internet that are creating amazing costumes and developing their characters!

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Live Action Legends: Larp Adventures

We believe there is a Live Action Role Play event out there for everyone, no matter what style of play you prefer.

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WIP Wednesday: Larp Gear, Masks & a Quiver!

Welcome to Work-in-progress Wednesday, where the secrets of Larp gear creation are revealed. We want to show off

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Larping in 2020: 5 People Doing Incredible Things

Larping in 2020 ain't easy...The last six months have not been favorable to a hobby that by definition requires

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Want to larp in a decommissioned naval destroyer?

This November 2019 in the United States! Registration is now open!

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