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Friday Featured LARP: ConQuest of Mythodea 2013

In this week's Friday Featured LARP we take a look at Conquest of Mythodea. Ivan reviews 2013 and looks to 2014. Immerse yourself in the world of Mythodea!

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Drachenfest 2013: A Copper Camp Soldier's Review

Curious about Drachenfest 2013, but didn't have the chance to go? Ivan gives us a review of his experience as a soldier of the fanatical Copper camp.

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Limbo: A Chamber LARP between Life and Death

Vos commentaires et suggestions sont essentiels à faire de Calimacil GUILD le réseau social spécialisé par excellence. Your comments and feedbacks are essentials to help us make Calimacil GUILD the best specialized social network.

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Exile: Thirty-two days of a pervasive larp

Izgon (Croatian for exile) was a one-shot pervasive larp played in the urban setting, mostly in Zagreb, Croatia but it also spread to other cities and countries.

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Portal Review: Part Two

Saturday started off nicely. The Hungarian visitors - who slept at my place - woke up early enough for another day

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