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Armistice Arcane


Let go and immerse yourself into a 19th century world of magic, mystery and intrigue… Located at the Le Pavillion Hotel in New Orleans, The Armistice Arcane is an all-inclusive weekend where you will be immersed in the 19th century, exploring relationships, forming alliances, and discovering just how far you are willing to push the limits of social acceptability.

Location: Le Pavillon Hotel, Poydras Street, New Orleans, LA, USAWebsite: https://www.armisticearcane.com



More information to come..

Location: Québec, QC, CanadaWebsite: http://www.absolom.org

Crusade of Legends


A decade ago, visitors from a distant land came to Aldarin. We called them The

Location: Denver, CO, USAWebsite: www.crusadeoflegends.com

Dagorhir Alterra


Hafer Park in Edmond. Saturday 1-4. Enter park, take first available right, follow road until you

Location: Oklahoma City, OK, USAWebsite: https://www.facebook.com/pg/okcbattles

Zorn Vongal


We are Zorn Vongal, Central Virginia's premiere Youth and Family-focused Battle Game. We exist to

Location: 1445 Darden Towe Park, Charlottesville, VA, USAWebsite: zornvongalmedia@gmail.com