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The 9 Stages of Having a LARP Crush [GIF Post]

If there's one thing cartoon and LARP villains have taught me, it's this: be prepared. What villainous thing could

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Competition in LARPs: A Place in Safety Documentation

When I volunteered to put together a comprehensive safety and consent document for Dragon Thrones, I had something

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Armistice Arcane: A Profoundly Personal Live Action Role Play Experience

From the moment I received my Armistice Arcane character blurb, I knew I’d put the pressure on myself to inhabit

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The 7 Stages of LARP Hype

We often discuss LARP drop, or the feelings of sadness and loneliness you might experience following an event when

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Pros and Cons of Representing your Larp at a Convention

Have you ever considered getting a booth or display space for your larp at a convention? Here are a few pros and cons to consider before committing.

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