Bellum Aeternus II - A Cross-Game Event in Maryland

Bellum Aeternus is proud to announce its second event! bellum-aeternus

From August 15th to 18th, 2013, hundreds of foam fighters will gather at Patuxent State Park for a 4-day-long cross-game event held by Darkon. It’s going to be four days filled with the best that Darkon has to offer; from bridge battles to a full 24-hour adventure running Thursday into Friday, as well as dozens of vendors and in-character roleplaying opportunities, this event has been specifically organized to welcome larpers from different games and areas to participate in a huge cross-game event. There will be orientation for players new to larp in general, as well as those who have never been to Darkon before.

Bellum Aeternus I premiered back in November as a single day of fighting, with vendors and an in-character Casino running alongside it. 400 people came out, some driving for hours to fight in the brisk weather, but this time everything is bigger; instead of a single day of fighting, participants can arrive starting at noon on Thursday, August 15th, and stay until August 18th, when it’ll be time to return to the real world.

This event has several great features:

  • Dozens of vendors will be in attendance, selling everything from garb to goblets. I’d try to compile a list, but there are more vendors being announced daily!
  • Thursday and Friday are all about the adventure, but there will be a variety of battles on Saturday. So far a fantastic 3 bridge scenario has been unveiled on the Bellum Aeternus Facebook page.
  • The Casino will be running again this year with twice the space to operate. It boasts performances by stand-up comedians and other performers on Friday and Saturday night.
  • A feast (only available to those who pre-register and costing an extra $10) will be held Saturday night at 7:30pm before opening into a free event-wide revel for everyone to enjoy. It’s a feast in Dionysus’s honor, so, as you might guess, it’ll be 18+ with ID checked at the gates. The pre-register cutoff isn’t until August 3rd, so you still have time!

The event is only $10 if you pre-register ($15 at the gate), and located in southern Maryland. If you missed out on Ragnarok or Pennsic, it’s a great opportunity to spend a few days swinging sticks next to hundreds of other fighters. We hope to see you there!

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