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The Force of Feedback: Tips for LARP Organizers and Players

Written with Joe Hines A LARP can be an experience, a work of art, a competitive game, or all of the above. A

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Competition in LARPs: A Place in Safety Documentation

When I volunteered to put together a comprehensive safety and consent document for Dragon Thrones, I had something

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Essentials of LARP Design: Templates

You have prepared everything you need for the upcoming LARP, which you are about to run. You have completed the

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The Unbelievable Story of The Fastest Growing Scifi Larp in Seattle

Editor's note: The below post was written by Matthew Oostman and Ron Leota. What they give you is a succinct

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What’s the big deal about Nordic larp?

If you don't know about Nordic Larp, you will after this article!

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