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Horseshoe Bend Ranch

Larp Location Feature: Horseshoe Bend Ranch. 1230 Horseshoe Bend Rd Centerville, Washington. Finding a

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Larp Character Casting

Want to find out more about larp character casting? Being cast as a character is something that we often seen larps

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Life and Larp with Melany Love

Where to start...introduction and explanation? My name is Melany Love, and I’m from Indiana. I’ve been a

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Out of the Hotel and into the Woods

At the time I wrote this it is June 25th. I’m sitting in an air conditioned hotel room, observing a panoramic view

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My Life in LARP: A timeline of LARP for the “Oregon Trail Generation”

Pre 1999: I was a latchkey kid raised on TV, movies and about normal people transported to magic realms (D&D

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