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5 Reasons You need this Grim Fairy Tale Event in Your Life

Forget Disney and Brothers Grimm. Even they didn't have what it takes to bend and warp these familiar characters

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5 reasons to go to wizard school in the British Isles

Live all your wizarding dreams in a real castle in the United Kingdom!

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To Another World - My Experience at Armistice Arcane, a Blockbuster LARP in New Orleans

Armistice Arcane is a high-immersion, rules-light larp set in 1890’s America produced by Peculiar Crossroads

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Armistice Arcane: A Profoundly Personal Live Action Role Play Experience

From the moment I received my Armistice Arcane character blurb, I knew I’d put the pressure on myself to inhabit

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Harry Potter Inspired Larp, College of Wizardy, Crowdfunding is already at 40%!

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