College of Wizardry Update: 66 Hours to go, over $120k raised!

We’ve covered a bunch of College of Wizardry the last few months because the work has been incredible, and the response from around the world has been ground-breaking in taking larp to a new echelon of exposure. It’s been covered by nearly every major news outlet all over the globe and has given people new insight into what larp can become. For just that, we’re incredibly proud to support them in their efforts.

That being said, now is your last time to support their efforts to buy a freakin’ castle, join one of the upcoming runs of College of Wizardry in Poland, or just grab a cool perk with some Harry Potter-esque rewards!

A word from Claus, one of the organizers:

download movie Midnight Special 2016 now

As of this writing, there’s 66 hours left, and we’ve managed to raise $120,000 with the help of 542 backers. That means that we’re doing two College of Wizardry larps in November, a 20 min documentary movie and a phyiscal teaching book for the larps, that’ll also be out as a free PDF.

Raising money enough to buy castle didn’t happen this time. We haven’t given up on that dream yet, though and we’re talking with potential investors already.

The bottom line is that we’re extremely pleased with how things have gone, and we hope that we’ll manage to raise the last $55,000 needed to enable us to run three events. After all, a lot can happen in 66 hours!



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