Costuming 'A Tale of Benjen Stark': Dracolite

The following is compiled information gathered form a Q and A with Dracolite.


We have been supplying clients and stores worldwide with our products for more than a decade. When we started Dracolite in 2002, we we’re mostly known for our medieval jewelry, but we rapidly expanded our activity. We now offer a lot more than jewelry. You can pretty much find anything medieval in our 3,000-square-feet store, or you can have anything custom made / ordered if its not in stock.

We have been selling jewelry online since 2003 on our website. We are now expanding our online visibility with several websites. We have an english counterpart of our jewelry website, and our new online ventures in French and English include much more products that we create.

This Etsy shop was started because  Etsy represents a great opportunity for us to get our name out there along with all the other amazing craft people from around the world. It was opened not that long ago (Sep 28, 2012). Some craft people actually suggested ETSY to us, and we decided to give it a try!

We are now specialized in jewelry, clothing, wedding gowns, and leather work but we also imports and distribute products from the best craft people around the world.

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The materials the shop works with most are silver and gold for jewelry, crystals and stones for pendants, and real leather and steel for their armor. They use many varying fabrics in their unique costuming, all of excellent quality.


We are as passionate about our business as the larp community is of their hobby. Each year we will create new products specifically for the LARP community. For example, last year we created (just in the armor department) the chaotic armor (men, women), barbarian armor with fur, and shaman armor with fur, the elven princess armor (version 2), and a full plate paladin armor. Our main problem is that we lack time to take great pictures of products we create since we are always crafting, but we are working on this, and all armor sets will be found on our website soon.

Whatever you want for your larp character, you will find it in our store : either we will make it, have it made by other craft people we know or import it from whatever country its made. Amazing and creative people bring us inspiring projects all the time, and we are always excited to craft new and unique products for each client.

We are definitely a one stop shop for all larp products.


Thank you to Charles Brousseau!

Check out their websites for the products they offer: (French) (English) (French) (English)

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