Dating Advice From Larpers

Ah, the tried and true trope that larpers are socially retarded, forever alone dorks, except when they are in the woods, and will never be able to get a date because they can’t communicate with real people. We all know this simply isn’t true. The truth is larpers are just as nerdy (and ok with it) as everyone thinks. But, on the whole, we have exceptional people skills and lead very normal social lives. Except on the weekends… But seriously how many people put on a tie and dress nice for work only to be transformed into a hillbilly shooting guns & drinking Budweiser or put on something scantily clad and do things they’ll regret at a club all weekend? A lot. And that’s just as “weird” as going larping.

Ok, seriously though, this has a few moments of funny that I think we can all appreciate. If you can’t laugh at yourself your probably not larping in the first place… What do you think of this type of humor?araceraracer.mobiпродвижение сайтавзлом вк бесплатночехлы для макбукаальфа банк челябинск кредитная карта21nova casinoindian escortcasino slot oyunlarmecca onlineкакие прививки нужны для поездки в танзаниюйога в люблино

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  1. Buskador August 11, 2012 Subscriber

    Some girls like to have their own knight in shining armor. Especially if he talks the talk and walks the walk too. (layers of steel included)

  2. Jolly Jordan December 30, 2012 Subscriber

    You gotta make more of these dating advice videos 🙂

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