Deadlands Alliance - Claremont, New Hampshire

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Alliance Deadlands

About: Looking for a larp in New Hampshire? Check out Deadlands Alliance. Here’s a little bit about them from their website: Deadlands is the New Hampshire chapter of the Alliance Live Action Role-Play Organization. We’re like those guys in Rolemodels, except without the Hollywood careers and million dollar contracts.

It’s not even a nice place to visit…

Blending themes of survival horror with a high fantasy setting, our goal is to present a game which welcomes new players and peels some of the jade off the longtime veterans (you know who you are). Whether you come for the role-play or to hit something with a sword, you’ll find something for you in the Deadlands.

Come play with us Billy; for ever, and ever…

Deadlands welcomes all players 16 and older (parents must sign a legal release for minors), with players comprising all ages and backgrounds. We’re not entirely certain stories about the endtimes and peasants killing one another over stale bread are something you want to sign your kid up for, but hey, it can’t be any more depressing than corporate America…

Genre: Fantasy


Forum: Deadlands Forum


Phone: None listed.

Venue: Lone Tree Scout Reservation

Address: Lone Tree Scout Reservation
12 West Shore Park Road
Kingston, NH 03848

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