Dystopia Rising: I was murdered in the woods of New Jersey

We’ve covered Dystopia Rising in the past and we love their efforts to bring a great world to life through detailed costuming and great storytelling. But what we’ve covered pales in comparison to this video and article from The Verge. Far and away this is the best coverage of a local larp by a media outlet that I have seen in a long time, if not ever.

If you aren’t familiar with Dystopia Rising, here’s a primer from The Verge:

Across North America, at camp sites and — in one case — a former military airfield, people are living through the aftermath of the apocalypse. The living dead roam the woods, and society has devolved into warring ghouls, survivalists, psychics, and religious fanatics. If you can imagine something happening after the end of the world, there’s a decent chance it’s happened in live-action role-playing game Dystopia Rising, which celebrated its fifth anniversary earlier this year.

Go read the full article and check out a Dystopia Rising game near you.

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  1. katty August 12, 2014 Subscriber

    this site is amazing, what’s your favorite thing about larping, the people, the costumes, or the adventure?

  2. Amelia August 22, 2014 Subscriber

    I am a 10 year old who wants to LARP, but I’m also interested in Japanese Culture and cosplaying, (I am half taiwanese) and I want to find a way to combine both without having to choose

  3. Galen September 5, 2014 Subscriber

    Oh cool, this is the DR game that plays at the site owned by the larp I play at! It’s pretty neat seeing Camp Sac from that different perspective.

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