Dystopia Rising Looks Incredible!

Every once in a while we want to highlight local larps and show you how awesome they are. Today, we’re happy to show you Dystopia Rising. They (Dystopia Rising) is a larp located in New Jersey and Massachusetts and released this compilation of pictures from their events. They pictures of this larp are stunning. The costuming is great and it looks like people are having a genuinely awesome time. Here’s a description of their larp from their website:

Dystopia Rising is a role playing game that takes place in a post apocalyptic world, long after the fall of civilization to a worldwide zombie plague. This world, many generations after the Fall, takes place in a new dark age where the remains of lost cultures linger in a world without direction. No global governments survived, no armed police to serve and protect, no organized educational systems, and no guidance to pull the world out of the spiral it has fallen into. The world is a dark, dangerous place where humanity is as much of a threat to existence as the undead horde is.

There are, however, some glimmers of light in the darkness of this grim future. On occasion a person manages to hold onto their moral compass, and uses it to navigate in this hopeless world. Sometimes a small spark of humanity shows itself in the most irradiated of survivors trying to piece together the mysteries lost to he wastelands. You may fi nd a new purpose or establish a role in someone else’s life, and because of that you fi nd it hard to simply go it alone.

Dystopia Rising is a game that is not centered on the undead. It is a game that is centered on what becomes of the human condition when forced into an environment where survival could very well be your only concern. Do you decide to become a ruthless warlord, an amoral sociopath, or a monster much uglier inside than any zombie is on the outside? Perhaps you take the high road as a nameless wanderer, find higher purpose in faith, or do everything you can to force civility into a chaotic world. No one can tell you what you will do once the bombs drop and the dead rise. No one will guide you but your own conscience.

The world died many generations ago, and it is your turn to build the new world from the ashes.

What do you thinK?

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