Fallout Larp: Czech Republic. Feast your eyes on these Vault Dweller!

The original Fallout on PC was the first PC game I ever owned. It blew my mind. As a wee lad most of the jokes were over my head, but the gruesome deaths, the desolated wasteland and the power armor took up a good chunk of my free time. And who didn’t dream of donning the Brotherhood of Steel’s power armor and slaying some radscorpions? Apparently, these awesome Vault Dwellers in the Czech Republic did as well. They’ve put together a stunning Fallout Larp. This event pits players in the year 2114, set in the Fallout Universe, and sees the events play out. And they’ve got everything you need to be living your Fallout dreams. Props are impeccable: crack open a Nuka Cola and pay for an Iguana-on-a-stick with the leftover caps. Put on your power armor. Knife fight to the death. You know, just a typical day in the European-Post-World-War-3-Wasteland. Check out their website and follow them on Facebook for more Fallout Larp Awesomeness.

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