It's all fun and fighting until the river floods!

Today we take a break from our normal galleries to ask you to consider helping some fellow larpers in need. Their event space and all their gear was literally washed away in a flash flood a few weeks ago. They’ve setup a GoFundMe in order to raise money to help the folks regain some of their gear and help the local group get back on their feet. Imagine everything you have at an event washed away in 20 minutes! This is a great opportunity for the larp community to rally around some folks in need and put our differences aside! Below is a write-up and photos from /u/hivemind_MVGC on Reddit that shows some of the fun of Dagorhir and the devastation of the flood.

(Photo Credit: Jon Henderson)
(Photo Credit: Jon Henderson)

Dagorhir chapters/realms are all over the country! Most dagorhirrim are commonly a part of two things: Their realm and their unit. The realm or chapter is the local area you are a part. A unit, however, can be spread across the nation and contain many people from many different realms. Not everyone in a unit has to be from the same realm, and not everyone in a realm has to be a part of the same unit.

Dagorhir Battle
(Photo Credit: Kestriel Photography)
(Event: Dark Tides V, 2014)

Dagorhir is US-based foam weapon battle gaming sport with influences from larp. It was established in 1977, and is one of many different foam fighting sports. Combat is considered full contact.

Dagorhir Female Warior
(Photo Credit:”)
(Event: Ragnarok XXVIII)

Dagorhir chapters usually hold local practices once a week, sometimes twice a week. Outside of a local, weekly practice there are events where you can meet up with non-local foam slingers. Events for Dagorhir are held year round and can often draw quite the crowd. Day events usually are more local, pulling from an average 4 hour radius around the event. Attendance can vary from 30 people to 300 people. Four day camping events can pull attendance from up to 8-10 hours away and usually contain 100-500 people in attendance. The largest event in Dagorhir is Ragnarok. ( It is a week-long camping event held on Cooper’s Lake campground. It pulls attendance from clear across the country and attendance numbers are over 1600. Find a local chapter near you!

Dagorhir Battle Huddle
(Photo Credit: Kestriel Photography)
(Event: Dark Tides V, 2014)

Dagorhir has a garb rule stating you must be in period or fantasy clothing. Kits are often built on realm “build and bond” days, where those of the realm get together, bullshit, and craft their gear and garb together. This is also where many teach and pass on the skills of crafting such as sewing, and weapon and prop construction. A person’s gear and garb and gear takes hours of time, dedication, and fine tuning to get it to look the way they want for the character they wish to portray. It is incredibly rewarding to hit the field, have people stare at you in awe, and know that your hard work was worth it.

Dagorhir Elf
(Photo Credit: Anthony Neuls)
Dagorhir Panorama
(Photo Credit: Jon Henderson)
(Event: Dark Tides IV, 2013)
Dagorhir Shield Jump Attack
(Photo Credit: Julia Gonzalez)
Dagorhir Rear Attack
(Photo Credit: Stephen Rawlings)
Dagorhir Archer
(Photo Credit: Pinkie’s Pics)
(Event: Dark Tides IV, 2013)
Dagorhir Battle
(Photo Credit: Akuma/Charlie Red)
Dagorhir Non Combat
(Photo Credit: Ser Mehran S’Disraeli)
(Event: Dark Tides V)

If you don’t want to necessarily fight, or can’t due to medical reasons, Dagorhir still welcomes all! There are many a part of Dagorhir who do not field and instead help craft and make weapons and garb, take photos, herald the games, keep people hydrated on field, or make sure that camps run smoothly. While a large part of Dagorhir is combat, we do have homes for our non-combatant friends as well. 🙂

Dagorhir Independence
(Photo Credit: Belegarth Independence group)
(Event: Catapult Wars, 2013)
Dagorhir Flood
(Photo Credit: Kestriel Photography)
(Event: Dark Tides V, 2014)

While I am hoping to get many excited about Dagorhir and see many new faces on and off the field, there is some sad news. On April 27th, a flash flood tore through the campsite of Dark Tides V. Around 7:30 in the morning, runners were sent through camps to wake everyone and get them to the storm shelter as fast as possible. We are all forever grateful to those runners, as thanks to them, all but one made it to safety, and even as we watched across the rushing water, we saw him scramble to high ground and he, too made it. The event had an attendance of about 200, and over 100 of the attendees watched in shock and disbelief as their tents containing everything were swept away by 40 MPH waters. Many people left the event with nothing but what they we wearing when they were evacuated from their tents. The hardest part of all is that nothing is salvageable. When the flood came through and broke down one of the watergates, it also demolished a septic system. Anything that touched the flood waters is now a bio hazard and cannot be retrieved. Local News Article: Video footage courtesy of Akuma:

The Ent Floods the village
(Photo taken from the relief fund page)

Midwest Dagorhir took a rather large hit by this, but many of us are holding on to hope and looking forward to rebuilding. Much of what was lost took years of time and effort to build The ORE staff that ran the event has started a relief fund that will, at the very least, help replace personal effects such as drivers licences, car keys, and potentially cell phones. If they raise enough, they will work to get people at least a simple set of garb, and a weapon so they can hit the field once more. And finally, they hope to try to replace some form of camping equipment. The Dark Tides Relief fund can be found here: The ORE is also accepting donations, be it of unused fabric, foam, weapon cores, or camping equipment. More information can be found on their facebook page here: Donate if you can, pass it on if you can’t. Every little bit helps! More than anything, I would love to see my Dagorhir friends, family, brothers and sisters rebuild from this and overcome it. If you’re interested in joining the sport, find a realm near you either by the Dagorhir website or by facebook. Never has their been a better time to start, especially in the Midwest, as we all rebuild!

More Flooding
(Photo Credit: Kestriel Photography)
(Event: Dark Tides V, 2014)

For more information and the rules, go to

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