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If you know about Lederkraft’s leather armor you know that the brand screams quality. We’ve been carrying Lederkraft leather armor in our Larp Shop for over a year now for that very reason. It’s the best stuff on the market. And because it’s the best, it’s not cheap (either in the monetary sense or the quality sense). But what if I told you that you could learn to make this same armor on your own, for free?

What if this guide came with everything you could possibly need to know in order to begin making world class armor? The tools, the techniques, right down to the very types of leather you should buy to make this a reality? Sounds too good to be true, right? It get’s better. The guide even comes with detailed patters for how to cut the leather in exactly the right shape and even a list of potential vendors to buy all your tools and leather.

Is your mind blown yet?

Alex, the man behind Lederkraft, has decided to giveaway all his knowledge on the Tribesman Leather Armor for free. Now, we know this won’t be for everyone. Some just want to buy the armor and look fabulous. By all means go for it! And some of you, like me, are just not handy enough to pull this off. But, if you’re the DIY type and want to take your leather-work to the next level and be the talk of your next event go get your guide asap!

Let's go!

Click here to get your free guidebook!

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  1. Samuel White February 4, 2014 Subscriber

    This is amazing!..I would love to learn and create so many things, I wish you luck in all your endeavors and appreciate what you are doing to advance this culture..

  2. Fer September 5, 2014 Subscriber

    Hi there,

    I don’t know if my internet is acting weird, but it seems like the link is not available anymore.
    Any other ways to access the Guide?


    • Jordan September 20, 2014 Administrator

      Nope, it looks like the whole website was taken offline!

  3. James becker September 16, 2014 Subscriber

    I would like to learn to make my own armor for renfest.

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