A Hawk and a Hacksaw - Cerventine

A Larping Music Video

Every once in a while something comes along and blows you away. This is how I felt with A Hawk and a Hacksaw’s music video for their song Cerventine. This isn’t because it was the best video I have ever seen. Neither was it because it had the best special effects (as a matter of fact, there aren’t any), nor was it because the video has the greatest cinematography ever. I was blown away by the contrast they pulled off in depicting larping.

A little about the band

A Hawk and a Hacksaw is a balkan, folk band hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The epic music floating through your ears is made by just two people. On the accordion is Jeremy Barnes and playing the violin is Heather Trost. As a side note you have to walk like a cowboy to play the accordion. So mad props to Jeremy for sticking out what must have been a rough go telling your friends you play the accordion. Who’s laughing now? They have released 5 studio albums that are definitely worth listening to. Check their Facebook page out and buy one of their albums on iTunes and help out some fellow larping enthusiasts.

The Music

But, before I can mention anything about the video though, I must say this music is beautiful. It was nothing what I thought it would be. At the beginning of the video, because it was about larping, I figured it would transition into some metal or techno at any moment. I was so pleasantly surprised when the horns broke in. The melody is fantastic, the pace is consistent and the strings carried the song all the way through. I became an instant fan of A Hawk and a Hacksaw.

The Contrast

In the video you will see two contrasting depictions. The first is the process of getting ready to go larping. I loved seeing shots of a dude putting together his boffer-sword, his armor and seeing the tools lay around the room. Normally this is only showed on crappy YouTube channels of some guy and his hand-held webcam that is shaky and awful. It was epic to see this warrior prep for battle. Another depiction of this view was the guys putting their armor on in the park. It wasn’t nearly as epic as prepping for battle, but it was “true to life” larping. The other contrasting shots were of larping combat. And it was legit. The first shots were your average hack-and-slash mass combat. The epicness comes in at the end, when the leaders of the two fighting clans run down the hill, and fight on the water. The battle goes on, has ups and downs and ends with our “main character” dead, face down in the water.

Larping thoughts

When seeing movies, videos, documentaries or media clips with larping in them I like to ask myself, “What does this do for the culture of larping?”. This video puts larping out there with it’s best foot forward without being pretentious. It doesn’t make larping look like something fantastical, but yet it shows that larping can transport you to a place outside of yourself where you can experience the fantastic. In this video, fighting your enemies to the death with in an epic sword battle. This is literally one of the best pieces of larping media to come from the United States that I’ve ever seen. The only question on my mind is whether or not the members of A Hawk and a Hacksaw larp?

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