Hell on Wheels - A Western Experience.

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The sun sets over a sleepy western town. The towns people scurry about their business nervously looking around. Cowboys, outlaws and the sheriff meander about the street. You’d think you were transported to the set of the latest western movie. But no. Cowboys and indians? Not words you hear very often when you think of larp. Which is a damn shame, because Hell on Wheels larp has out done themselves in providing one hell of a western experience.

From the Hell on Wheel’s website:

The game takes place in 1866 in the state of Nebraska, in the part that was originally settled by Cheyenne Indian tribe. The players play their roles (inspired by the series, history and original ones) of employees of Union Pacific Railroad company and other characters. Chasing the dream of the first transcontinental railroad, they currently reside in Durantown. The town was established on the place of a former Hell on Wheels, a shifting camp, built of tents, boards and human sweat, which served as a base for laborers working on the railroad.

As someone who’s grown up in the states and been to more than one western show I’m stupendously impressed. Every costume featured in the images below is historically accurate and I can only imagine being thrust into a setting that is so deeply set in the american psyche. Check out the pictures below for the full scoop!

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