Heroes & Generals trailer features Larping

“Video games? OMG, WTF are they thinking, don’t they know this is a larping website? And all larpers vehemently hate video games? I mean seriously, that’s why we larp in the first place, to be the anti-gamer.” – Hopefully No One

Ok, now that you’re over the shock of us putting up a video game trailer I can assure you we’re not moving towards gaming in general, nor will video games be spoken of on a regular basis on this blog. However, this particular video game trailer features a dichotomy between larping and FPS fan-boys. In the Heroes & Generalstrailer you see a bunch of dudes acting out what their in game character is doing in real life. It’s actually pretty cool how they timed the shots. What’s interesting is how it shows just how silly it can be to play man-shoots (as RPS calls them) and how serious the guys who play them can be about them. We’re not here to hate on gamers of any kind, but it is pretty awesome that some attention is being paid to the fact that the things other gamers do, is just as silly as what larpers do.

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