HLG Con is a convention running in Atlantic City, New Jersey, October 12th-14th 2018. This is a heavy larp focused convention with the goal of lifting up the entire community, building bonds, and striving to create cool games TOGETHER. High Level Games is an international gaming company that has been focused on creating a community of gamers helping other gamers. They have a blog that runs 5 days per week, a podcast affiliate network, and a large support network of gamers that are sharing advice and support for one another in various ways. Beyond that, they have produced over 35 pieces of game content of their own, which are available on DriveThruRPG and the Storytellers Vault.

Atlantic City: 1980s. Pandaemonium

Picture the scene: The Showboat Hotel has seen better days. You’ve been invited to attend a Halloween party in the Foundation Room. However, something is off about the entire thing.

You’re a paranormal investigator, looking for more details on the unseen horrors in the night.

You’re a group of plucky teenagers who are way out of their league.

You’re a leader of a gang, and the deal you’re trying to settle with the other gangs is going down at the Showboat.

There are a dozen reasons why the Foundation Room is calling your name, reaching out to you, pulling you in. And then… when you arrive… do you know that person? Have you seen them before? Or… are you making that up? Is it just their Ghostbuster’s Costume that is catching your eye? Or the 23rd Madonna outfit you’ve seen that night? You’re not sure… but you do know… it’s calling out to you!

Tickets Sold Here Tickets for this larp end September 20th! Get your ticket today!

Why a Convention?

The Showboat Hotel and Resort in Atlantic City is an amazing, if older, venue in Atlantic City. The hotel is immense and is the perfect larp location because of the eccentric designs of the space. The Foundation Room is one of a series of similar rooms around the country, all which have a mix of North African and Indian design. The Foundation Room in the Showboat has a central bar and then a dozen alcove rooms that split off of it, making it one of the coolest larp spaces of all time. It was this space, and the Speakeasy larp suggested by The Geek Initiative that sold High Level Games on running a convention in the hotel.

How to Participate?

Larp is a major focus of the convention, but it is hardly the only thing that is happening. Max Energy Games, a conglomerate of story-focused game masters, is running an on-demand table-top RPG space. They are joined by luminaries in Contessa, New Agenda Publishing, Darker Hue Studios, and Stix n Crits. There will be 20+ tables of games going at all times, and folks will be able to bring their friends or make new friends while playing some of their favorite games. There will be playtests of the Ennie award winning Harlem Unbound, Morra Cinematic RPG, Capers!, and Orun.

Ready to Larp?

The Pandaemonium event teased above is the signature event, but it’s one of over a dozen larps that will be present at HLG Con. Imagine Nation, Hanging Lantern, The Geek Initiative, Sinking Ship, Event Horizon, Peculiar Crossroads, Drowning Moon Studios, and Reverie Studios are all joining forces to run this game! Pandaemonium tickets include entry into 1 Marquee larp, and the main event. The Marquee larps are being run by the studios above, and include games like, Speakeasy, Scion: Heroes, Backspin Orbit Invitational, Kindling, A Cog in the Machine, and 10-32. There will also be Godslayer by Old Crone  Studios, Arksong by Phoenix Outlaw, and the Vampire Megagame by the Game Theater. That’s not even counting the demonstration larps and smaller larp events happening at the convention. There is something for everyone here!

Oh, and for those of you into Vampire? Winding Path Initiative are bringing the first non-By Night Studio’s Blood and Betrayal Chronicle event to HLG Con. This is the start of a great new chronicle system which will have a major and hopefully positive impact on the Vampire larp scene. Further, Winding Path will be running playtests of their new larp, Huldufolk at HLG Con.

HLG Con is run by High Level Games, a tabletop pen and paper role-playing game company with an international reach. They are a podcast, blog, and fan community that engages with various tabletop role-playing games and LARP and in an always fun and sometimes academic way.

There really is a lot of amazing stuff happening at HLG Con, you can check out the event at www.hlgcon.com

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