How to Choose a Name for Your Larp Character

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Selecting a name for your LARP character requires thought. Photo: Aubrey Kirkham

Ask any parent, writer, or LARPer – Selecting a name is a difficult process! Whether you’re naming a child, pet, or LARP character, it’s your responsibility to provide a name that bears meaning.

Here are some things to consider when naming your LARP character.

1) Culture – Most LARPs feature different kingdoms, factions, or groups (depending upon the setting). Is your character part of a specific culture? If so, check out the game’s website. You should get some hints on how to name your character there. For example, your character’s culture might be modeled after a real-life one. If you wanted to play a character from an Asian-inspired culture, you could research real-life names from an Asian culture.

2) Keep it Simple – When it came time to develop a key character for a game, my friend Tina selected the name “Annie.” Tina explained that Annie has a more eloquent formal name and several titles, but this name is something easy for people to remember. Furthermore, it’s a personable name and she wanted the character to be approachable. Want a simple name? Consider these qualities:
• Pick something common, but short for something much more meaningful or elaborate
• Use a title or profession as an actual name
• Select a one-syllable name
• Choose something that is easy to pronounce

3) Choose Something Unique – Most people wouldn’t name a child something too outlandish–but this isn’t a real-world scenario, this is a LARP. Furthermore, you don’t want to duplicate other characters or game elements. If “Ivy” is also a spell, it wouldn’t be wise to name your character “Ivy.”

A great example of a LARP character name that embodies all of these qualities is “Sir Den-gar,” the LARP moniker selected by a character in Justin Calderone’s novel “LARP: The Battle for Verona.

What are the best LARP character names you have come up with or encountered? Let us know in the comments!

About the Author: Tara M. Clapper is a full-time freelance writer living in the Philadelphia area. A geek culture maven, she enjoys LARPing at Seventh Kingdom IGE based in New Jersey. Tara writes for multiple print and online outlets, including multiple Yahoo! Properties and Sweet on Geek. раскрутка сайтапродвижениепродвижениевзломать страницу вконтакте онлайнчехлы для iphone 4кредит для бизнеса условияfree online casino demo gamesescort services websitesucretsiz casino oyunlar? oynabeste-onlinecasinos.comфизическая подготовка для восхожденияфитнес с бассейном

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  1. Ivan Zalac December 5, 2012 Subscriber

    It gets easier the more characters you name.

    This year I was: Luc, Rene, Slaven, Kain, Vjenceslav, Nikto, Bogdan and Franjo. Fun times.

  2. Violet December 5, 2012 Subscriber

    Or you could just see what color shirt you are wearing when you are building your character. NOT THAT I KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THAT. *innocent whistle*

  3. LazyLarper December 5, 2012 Subscriber

    True 🙂
    Here are some of my old

    Kva Ja
    Feral Kalkatan – Archmage
    Slashlack – Orc shaman
    Toke Orckiller -Human barbarian (died in duel with orc’s)
    Tobias Kettle -inn keeper
    Tim the Amazing – quack doctor and alchemist

  4. Rutger July 31, 2014 Subscriber

    i am a what is a good name for a viking??

  5. caleb September 1, 2014 Subscriber

    korgen im a hobbit and im henin

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