How To Larp - Meet Kimmie

How To Larp is’s web-comic launching on July 9th. All week we’re introducing our character’s to you. Today we have the pleasure to introduce you to Kimmie.

how to larp kimmie
  • Name: Kimmie
  • Age: 17
  • Character Name: Too many to list.
  • Race: She’s played them all.
  • Class: Currently Warrior of the Behemoth, but also Thief of the Inconclusive Sunrise, Mage of the Perpetual Clearing, Pirate of the Doublespeak Vessel, Ninja of the Faltering Path, and Bard of the Eternal Chant
  • Level: 1 (32 character deaths total)
  • Bio: Kimmie loves to roleplay, but cannot decide which character she wants to play to save her life. Instead of shelving them for later, her characters all meet an early demise…

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