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Giant battle scene

Finally, the larp is about to start. The GM comes up front to cover business matters: rules, changes, safety, agendas, etc. etc…. He barely gets started and is interrupted by a battle that consumes the tavern. Our goal in today’s comic was to begin to show the transition from reality to fantasy. On the left you’ll notice that characters still look as though they are in costume. On the right things have become far more fantastic. The room has morphed from a generic gathering space to a seedy tavern. The players are seen wearing elaborate costumes. Boffers are now real swords. Spell Packes full of birdseed are now spells streaming and ripping through the air. Arrows zip through the battle with pointed tips. There’s a giant troll suddenly destroying the tavern. The suspension of disbelief has set in and this is how the characters see themselves.topod.inраскруткаaracer.mobiанонимайзер для вконтакте бесплатныйчехол для ipad ценаполучить кредит на открытие бизнеса с нуляplay casino games online win real moneynuru massage dubaibedava slot oynabeste-onlinecasinos.comгруповые туры в сафари с киеваинтернет магазин радиаторов

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