How to Make a LARP Weapon (PART 1)

If you’re a DIY person when it comes to your larp weapons, it looks like this video series is going to be for you!

The always awesome, and somewhat legendary in the Seattle Larp Scene, Jesse Skellington gives you detailed instructions on making your own larp weapon. What’s great about the video is that while it’s really detailed, it’s not perfect, so you can see him work out some bumps in the road and he gives some great tips to keep going and make your foam-smithing work.

For those of you that are DIY experts, what would you add or do different?

Part 1: Making a flexible tip for your props core out of hot glue so you don’t have tip failure.

Stay Tuned for Parts 2 – 5

Part 2 will be how to place your core, pattern, and glue your prop
Part 3 will be how to shape your prop
Part 4 will be how to paint and finish

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  1. André October 21, 2014 Subscriber

    hi, great video, though an easier way is to make reinforcements with cloth on the tip.

    i made a guide, unfortunately in danish. but it can be seen on how another way, and maybe a bit easier way to reinforce.
    It holds good, and is a strong reinforcement. Used by most UK, and german Manufacturers.

    • Dixie Valdez April 7, 2015 Subscriber

      Very informative video and will surely use this idea to create a medieval weapon.Looking forward to make a medieval shield for an medieval event.

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