Kaza Marie Joining Larping.org

Today we are announcing that we have a new member on our staff. After working with Kaza Marie for many years, we are happy to welcome her as a member of our team! Kaza will be serving Larping.org as an administrative assistant. She has served as a social media coordinator and administrative assistant for several larps, as well as held a position in the field professionally. Kaza has a wide variety of professional skills that will apply to her work here at Larping.org, among those are graphic design, video editing and media marketing.


Kaza Marie has served as a dedicated member of the larp community for many years. She is most recognized for her work on YouTube as Larp Girl. On her channel she advocates for Live Action Role Play. With her channel, she hopes to draw more people into trying larp. As Larp Girl, Kaza has accomplished a lot within the larp community. As a game designer she creates larps from traditional to nordic. She continues to assist the community by working on social media projects for Live Action Role Play’s increased visibility.

We have put together a brief Q&A with Kaza to help you get to know her!

Editor: Hello Kaza! Thank you for joining us on the Larping.org staff!
Kaza: Thank you, Editor, for inviting me! I’m incredibly excited to be working with Larping.org. It has been a dream of mine for many years to help people get involved with the larp world and after countless years of doing it on my own, I’m happy to be working with a team.
Editor: We are happy to have you on our team. Lets start with the first question!
Q. When did you start larping?
A. I started larping when I was around 14. A local chapter of Amtgard played in a park I passed on my walk home from school. I had been playing a lot of video games during that time. I had moved around a lot, didn’t have many friends and my reading disability made it hard for me in classes. I was really eager to make friends and try something new. I had this thought in my head when I was younger that “through larp I could become the heroes I played in video games”. Every Sunday when this Amtgard team would play, I’d use my lunch money to buy food for everyone.I didn’t really talk to many people at first but I did watch. I’m have to admit that I would go home and practice alone. Eventually I was able to build up the courage to play.
Q. What’s your favorite role play experience you’ve ever had?
A. I’m not sure if this is a fair question! I really enjoy so much about larp it is hard to imagine a favorite. I recently attended a larp where I tried my hardest to be the most compliant and kind person, which ended up getting me killed. Laying on the ground after that defeat lead me to so many tears. As I continued to lay as a dead body, I asked myself why I was so upset. Why that failure meant so much to me? And I also questioned if dying because I was a good person was actually a failure. My favorite larp moments are those that I get to walk away with a new perspective that has the potential to grow me as a person.
Q. What made you want to create Larp Girl?
A. Larp Girl was a special project I began as a way to communicate about larp. It was something fun and exciting for me and I felt like more people should know about it, so they could also experience the worlds we visit! Soon after I begun my channel a friend of mine died at a larp event. They were an important member of our community. So when they left us, there was a part of me that felt like we would never regain what we lost. So I dedicated my channel to hopefully inspiring others to try larp and embrace all the wonderful things it has to offer. This person really inspired me to look at larp differently and I feel like their positive ideas live on in the videos I make.
Q. Who are your heroes?
A. One of my personal heroes is my dog, Ares. He is scared of most things but once he lets his guard down he finds a way to love everyone. His excitement with life and enjoyment of small things inspire me daily. I also really look up to Kathy Amende from Peculiar Crossroads. She is an incredible larp organizer that puts a lot of effort into writing stories for the heart to challenge the mind. My partner Casey is also a huge hero to me. He supports my work in the larp community and films my adventures. He takes on a lot of responsibility that gives me freedom to chase my dreams. I have a lot of friends who all root for me when I’m down and make me feel so loved. They definitely deserve hero badges. This answer could easily become a shout out to each one of my friends who personally uplifts me but I don’t think we have enough time for me to explain how important each one of them is to me. I love them all so much!
Q. Is a hot dog a sandwich?
A. I have a medical problem that makes it hard for me to eat some foods. Deli meats and pork being a huge problem for me. With that being said, I am often defeated by my love for  chili cheese hotdogs.. however I could never pass on a turkey avocado sandwich.
Q. What will you be doing for Larping.org?
A. I will be working as an administrative assistant for larping.org. This means I will be assisting the team with whatever they need help with. This has meant a lot of organizing important projects for the website, responding to inquiries and implementing creative solutions to engage the larp community.
Q. What is your hope for the larp community?
A. I hope that the larp community continues to grow. That we continue to welcome people into playing with us and inspire them to try new things. I have this vision of the future that in a mainstream audience larp is looked at for recreational therapy. It is with that vision that I hope we can find ways to heal ourselves mentality and enjoy the beautiful worlds of larp.
Q. How do you see those hopes coming true through your work at larping.org?
A. Larping.org has created a place for many larpers to find information about larp. There are articles about how to get involved with great reads on larp theory and a larp list that helps people find a place to play. Through larping.org I’ve had the ability to attend the Voyage North, which serves as a great way for people to try an entire week of a larp festival. I believe that this website has the ability to open doors for larpers and being apart of that is important to me. I hope that with my skill set and knowledge of larp, I can really help larping.org grow with the success that they’ve already achieved and find more success in becoming an educational larp source. Because I have such a dedicated passion for larp, I know I’ll do my best to make my hopes a reality.
Q. What is your dream larp?
A. My dream larp has always been a Battlestar Galatica larp in a ship of some sort. Maybe even some Mass Effect elements. A sci-fi space larp would be so exciting for me to play in. Though I do accept it is one of the hardest larps to plan because.. well.. getting to space isn’t easy and replicating it can be difficult as well. More so recently, I have begun writing my own larps. Through that process I believe I will be able to create my own dream larps very soon.

Kaza is also one of our dedicated players through the Voyage North and has a series of videos about her personal experiences at Bicolline.


With her travels, she documents her larp experiences. Currently on the Larp Girl Channel, Kaza offers DIY tutorials, product reviews, combat training and a view for each journey she takes. With these videos, blogs and social media community, Kaza has created a place for herself and subscribers to discuss larp on the internet. This has inspired many to join the hobby. Kaza Marie currently lives outside of Hartford, CT with her dog Ares, who is also known as Ork Dog by her fans.

In the time that we have known Kaza with her work in the larp community, we have considered her a friend for many years. She has shared with us her dreams of working in a career within larp. As she focuses on working with Larping.org to grow our business. We hope to see her reach her dreams as a larp designer and video creator.

As Larping.org continues to expand, we hope that we will be able to create more opportunists for larpers to grow as a community, as well as employee the players that make it whole. We are welcoming our new member of the team with an open heart and hope you will do the same. Please show your support to our new administrative assistant, Kaza Marie.


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