Knights and Nobles: An Intro to Larp

To say that larp is misunderstood is an understatement. Often mocked, ridiculed it’s time to shed that baggage of the past. This video is one such effort.

As a short, 6 minute introduction to larp, it serves it’s purpose well. Shot on scene at Knights and Nobles, this video dives into the heart of what these folks believe larp to be.trailer movie Storks

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  1. Dave Sullivan September 29, 2014 Subscriber

    I thank you for posting the video “Knights and Nobles ” I am Dave Sullivan the elder gentleman who refuses to grow up. Ryan Blaske did this video at one of our games where we had a Council of Kings to rectify some things put in place by an imposter.

    I love Larping and welcome any and all to contact me in Indiana for more information of the Larp called KanaraK which stands for Knights and Nobles and Rogues and Kids

    Dave Sullivan , KanaraK-Indiana Fantasy Larp BSA Venture Crew 999,

    • Jordan September 30, 2014 Administrator

      You’re very welcome!

  2. Claus Raasted September 30, 2014 Subscriber

    I love it when people do documentation.

    But I have a hard time with this video, even though it’s obviously made by nice enthusiasts.

    The statements about “larp = medieval”, and “Many people play the character they want to be” are extremely off-putting to me.

    If he’d started by saying “This is how it is at Knights & Nobles” he’d have my undying love. But I have to admit, that what he describes is so far from a lot of the larping that happens, that I find it problematic when movies like this show “what larp is”.

    What their larp is… sure. What larp in general is? Not so much. And I’d much rather have videos like this I could point to for those wishing to know more about certain larps or types of larps than have to steer them away because of the obvious false statements.

    It’s not the first larp video that does this – not by a long shot – but it’s the latest.

    • Jordan September 30, 2014 Administrator

      To echo what @Thomas Miller said above, this is a sentiment that we come across often. While there are a lot of larpers in the US, we are very spread out, and thus, we have a lot of people who have only experienced larp at one game. Period. To them, that is what larp is. They may not even know other experiences exist. One of our goals is to help give a broader context to all kinds of larps.

      I definitely agree that it could have been better stated, “Here at X” or “To me” this is what larp is. But, I’d like to give props to these guys for putting together a nice video to try to reach out to the broader community.

  3. Thomas Miller September 30, 2014 Subscriber

    I agree with your points Claus,
    And agree that for many in the United States the term “LARP” and the idea that it wouldn’t be medieval or fantasy are quite foreign.
    At best we can help to educate those who may be misconstruing or unaware of the expansive and encompassing nature of LARP.

  4. Dave Sullivan September 30, 2014 Subscriber

    Had we known this video would make it this far after two years maybe we would have used better text and described the relevant factors of participating in a Larp. This video was done by Ryan as a class project for college We gave him what HE asked for at that time .

    I have been Larping for about ten years now and also Larped at five or six others and I realize that does not make me an expert on “What is larp”. I ‘m probably not even a good amateur

    He took over 5 hours of video He interviewed several others and only these few were selected

    I appreciate your critique, as the members we now have want to do another. We will try to answer in a more worldly manner.
    Our game has grown from 9/10 about 11 years ago to 45/50 regular players, although
    I apologize if I seem a little sarcastic didn’t really mean it that way

  5. Dave Sullivan September 30, 2014 Subscriber

    And Yes Thank You for the compliments Ryan deliberately did not name this after our Larp. He wanted this to be a general description not a KanaraK specific

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