Knights of Badassdom: Interview with Ryan Kwanten

In the interview from Comic-con Ryan describes the movie as larping “Gone Awry”. It’s great to hear a little bit more perspective on what happens in the film. For instance, apparently people start dying for real, but everyone thinks it’s par for the course in the larp (i.e. their characters were killed by boffer weapons).

One interesting note is that he mentions a lack of CGI in the movie, and they instead opted for physical blood, gore and monsters. Kwanten notes that this gave filming a certain “realness”. I agree and think it will be much more appealing than green screen acting. There is a certain bit of irony in a blood and gore movie about larping. In some ways it will be what every larper wishes could happen.

The footage from the interview is more of the same from the trailer, but at this point I can’t get enough. Something about the succubus licking the torn out heart gets me every time. Still no word on an official release date. Simply spring 2012. Oh well, Larpers rejoice! Knights of Badassdom will be here soon enough!

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