Kokosh - Rutty The Knight Kills The Giant Chicken

larp singer
Random Ukelele wielding Singer. Not @AlmightyWatashi, but you get the point.

Yesterday on Twitter we asked, “What songs, when you hear them, immediately remind you of Larping?” And our friend @AlmightyWatashi stepped up to the plate with his original track! It’s titled Kokosh and is about Rutty The Knight Killing A Giant Chicken. The song is sung in Croatian and is performed on a Ukelele. We think it’s massively creative, and pretty good. Not to mention terribly epic because it was created for a larp. Maybe @AlmightWatashi has a future as a Larp-Folk Ukele Hero bringing his ballads to the masses across the globe. Only time will tell, for now, have a listen:

Photo courtesy of Krudboy on Flickr.

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  1. kieran krud (krudboy) December 5, 2019 Subscriber

    well there you go. nice pic 🙂

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